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Almost fifty per cent of the developing world’s population – 2.5 billion people – lack improved sanitation facilities, and over 884 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources. Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services, coupled with poor hygiene practices, kills and sickens thousands of children every day, and leads to impoverishment and diminished opportunities for thousands more.

(WHO/UNICEF) The young and the old are particularly vulnerable. Over 90 per cent of deaths from diarrhea related diseases due to unsafe water and sanitation in the developing world occur in children below 5 years old. (UNICEF) The poor in developing countries are especially hard hit. A child born in Europe or the United States is 520 times less likely to die from disease than an infant in sub-Saharan Africa, where only 36 per cent of the population can access hygienic sanitation.

(UNICEF) A child born in the developed world consumes 30 to 50 times the water resources of one in the developing world. Women and girls are the “water haulers” of the world. On average, women and girls in developing countries walk 5 kilometers a day, carrying 20 liters of water,



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In the past 10 years, a number of foundations have focused on the drinking water crisis. Working with governments, scientists, philanthropists and companies, they know how to bring people clean water and improved sanitation to areas that need it. And they are looking for solutions that are simple, larger and cost-effective. On average, every US dollar invested in water and sanitation provides an economic return of eight US dollars.


New York nightclub celebrity Scott Harrison founded and built Charity Water into one of the most effective water organizations in the world raising over $40 million in funding to build 7,000 water projects in 20 countries.

Splash Water plans on working with the leading water non-profits including Water.Org and to develop and distribute new village sustainable water generation solutions in countries that need them.