First, the company serves both the public project market and the private market. This is a competitive edge because the company can reconfigure one product for both market segments, immediately increasing the number of potential customers, at minimal costs to the company within the region it is targeting. The equipment is the same with minor changes to installation, operation and marketing.

Splash is in the process of developing a distribution program to address the private sector market segment. This program has included the development of product information  and the appointment of a Regional Sales Agreements in the selec markets of  North America The regional distribution partner and program are the foundation of the relationship between key market segments and Splash. In Canada, the company has made major inroads into the retail market.



Atek Water   (Edmonton, AB)

Everything H2O   (Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake, AB)

Alternative Water Solutions   (Vernon, BC)

The Pure Water Shoppe   (Vancouver, BC)

Myric Applicances   (Calgary, AB)


US Water Systems   (Indianapolis, IN)

US Pure Water   (Novato, CA)

Water Plus of Virginia   (Norfolk, VA)

Clean Water America   (Fort Myers, FL)

H & H Coffee & Water (Florida)

H & H Coffee & Water
For the public project market, participation charity events, important trade shows and conferences will be the first steps in the relationship between the company and the public foundation market. It is the intent of the company to establish relationships with the top 5 water foundation/organizations.

Alternative Sectors Well the company strategically sells water machines and solutions in Asia, Central America and Africa through public projects and the private sector, we are developing cost effective alternatives to deliver our solutions to the consumer and small office markets in traditional region such as North America.