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About Splash Water


Bravo Enterprises Ltd. is in the business of acquiring innovative clean tech technologies and adding value to them thru developing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution efficiencies.

In late 2012, Bravo purchased the worldwide rights for manufacturing, marketing and distribution of atmospheric water harvesters (AWH) from Water for the World Manufacturing Inc. of Wellpinit, Washington.

Earlier this year the company re-organized to focus on it's Splash Water For Life Division to engage in developing and distributing this next generation water technology on a global basis.



Global Water Crisis

Although water is a renewable resource, it is also a finite one. Only 2.5 percent of earth’s water is fresh, and some two-thirds of that is locked up in glaciers and permanent snow cover. The result is there are nearly one billion people without safe drinking water. For over 50% of the worlds population, the water crisis is not an issue of scarcity, but one of access. In recent years, many high profile non-profit organizations, politicians and celebrities have taken to the cause of helping poorer communities build their own water supply systems. Splash Water intends to present an AWH solution to these organizations.

Atmospheric Water Technology

Splash Water For Life Inc is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of Atmospheric Water Harvester (AWH) technology. This technology provides a cost-effective solution to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from air and turning it into clean, healthy drinking water.
The technology uses the air’s humidity, turning it into water by using refrigeration technology that condenses water vapor. Water is truly generated!

Splash Product Line

Splash produces and distributes two AWH machines. A home/office unit that can produce up to 30 liters of water a day and a commercial/industrial unit that can produce up to 11,356 liters a day of safe drinking water every day.  Industrial and commercial units are intended for use in resource and military camps, beverage factories, hotels, and humanitarian and disaster relief applications where fresh drinking water is unavailable, scarce or very expensive.

The cost to produce and filter the water is using Splash machines is as low as 3 to 8 cents per gallon, depending on location, fuel and electrical costs.

The AWH machines offered by Splash Water are cost effective. The AirWell 3000 is up to 75% less expensive to purchase then other machines and as much as 50% cheaper to operate due to the patented proprietary technology.

Splash Stores and Distribution

The company is now in the first stages of embarking on a systematic global roll-out of it’s product line by establishing a sales network in key global geographic markets including North America, Central America and Africa. The company recently signed an agreement with it's new Canadian partner and has opened a flagship store in Vancouver, B.C..
The company is also launching an e-commerce site and negotiating various distribution agreements throughout North America.