Phil Esposito isn’t your ordinary NHL hall of famer. 

Bravo Enterprises is thrilled to have the full-throated endorsement of Phil Esposito – who can be found in the hockey Hall of Fame.In fact, Esposito likes Bravo so much, he isn’t just endorsing it – he’s joining the team. 

Having spent his first career surrounded by frozen water, the subject has never been far from his mind. And, for years, Esposito has been seeking an endeavor that can solve the world’s water problems. Finally, in Bravo Enterprises, Esposito found his company.

He was impressed that Bravo could produce some of the cleanest water on earth – more simply than other options, using no more electricity than a fridge.He was impressed that Bravo could produce water – literally, out of thin air.

The only other technology that can come close to doing the same is desalinization – which is much, much more expensive , and produces brackish water, at best.And he was especially impressed that Bravo could do both things at once – claim pure, crystal-clear water straight out of the air. 

Esposito – a visionary in his sport, co-founder of the Tampa Bay Lightning – prides himself on being a visionary in business as well.That’s why he  not only wanted to endorse Bravo, he wanted to be part of the team. Friends say they haven’t seen Esposito this excited since he hoisted the Stanley Cup above his head. And why not? Today, Esposito isn’t just changing hockey. He’s changing the entire world. 

Nothing is more essential to humanity than water – and no technology today can make a bigger impact. Esposito knows a winner when he sees one. That’s why Bravo is so excited to welcome him on board – and can’t wait to profit from his years of success and experience. The entire team knows how important this technology is. And, as you read about it in these pages, you’re sure to agree.